Art de Kelly 

Silk Painting

Silk Painting has been a passion of mine since I was introduced to it here in Panama. I love the vibrant color and flow of painting on silk. I rarely mix my colors ahead of time preferring the technique of letting color flow together. This media is a perfect fit for the landscape around me.

On the left I am pictured wearing a hand painted Coconut Palm ruana. I painted several ruanas of which I never photographed-quite large pieces-all beautiful and sold with the exception of one of my jaguars. I am learning via Photoshop to photograph everything and turn it into reproduce-able surface design. the same goes for my many hand painted scarves, table runners, pillow coverings, purses, etc. A few of these one of a kind silk painting items were photographed and this page is where i will show them.

Please understand as like the rest of my website, it is under construction.