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Exotic and vividly colorful, often whimsically fun, painted by a nature loving heart and mind . . .

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Island Girl . . . part time mermaid tremendously influenced by the colorful sights and sounds around me.

I use to live, create, work, and play on a small island where I ran a small island boutique resort catering to small groups and families.Shepherd Island is part of the large archipelago of islands which make up  Bocas del Toro off the Isthmus of Panama. 

The island is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea with a beautiful atoll reef for the front yard and rain forest jungle for the back yard. We grow many beautiful  and exotic tropical fruits and flowers. The sights and sounds are incredible beginning each day with a symphony of song birds and the colors as the morning sun lights up the local wild inhabitants. It will always be a never ending source of inspiration for me as I see nature in a different way each day . . . and those memories are permanently etched in my mind. Please click on the link above as it is now For Sale

My roots are Texas roots where I have returned to the shores of Lake Travis in Austin. Texas is also a huge inspiration for my art work. I like to say I am most comfortable in either cowboy boots or flip flops and it has been that way all of my life. 

Art creativity is sending me in a different direction as of late. I have been focusing on photographing good quality images, importing into Photoshop, and learning new technology. That technology includes forming a website, learning Photoshop, courses in Repeats, keeping up with Social Media, and soon a blog. It is all fascinating, time consuming, and a necessity whether living on a remote island or shores of a Texas Lake.

A little bit about my art  . . .
style, media, and technique:
My style is generally expressionistic, happy, and very colorfuI, Personally, I tend to use mostly green media in the form of paints which are watercolor, water based resists, and water based dyes. I also embellish much of  my paintings with ink.

Painting or creating since I can remember, enrolled by my mother in oil painting classes at the tender age of 8, I have been creating art in one form or another ever since. My absolute favorite media at present is silk painting. I love the vibrant color and flow of dyes and paints on silk . . . to me this media is watercolor in extreme. It is labor intensive but the results are so worth it!

I also tremendously love watercolor painting on paper and the fact that it is simple and can be painted on the fly, anywhere, with very little planning. The two medias are extreme opposites in the labor required but similar in the flow style of painting when you mix your color on the canvas as I often do.

Please contact me directly for the purchase of an original. I am also happy to do all kinds of commissioned art including children and pet portraits from a quality photograph or detailed idea..

And any or all collections can be custom tailored to suit your needs very quickly.

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Red Torch Ginger - Silk Painting 16" x 20"

Toucan Tango for Mango Silk Painting 21" x 21"

Red Eyed Iguana - Watercolor Painting 21" x 18"